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    Quest for the “Ancient of Days”

    Welcome to the Quest for the ETERNAL CREATOR of the Cosmos.  The stars in the sky are proof of an overall power in the universe that somehow put them all in place and controls all that there is.  The Designer of the universe must have an overall plan for ALL the inhabitants of the earth.  This is a search for that plan.  The knowledge we learn as we travel on our own Quest for the Ancient of Days is invaluable.  Much of the information we have learned can be found on our web site at and we invite your comments.

    To Quest for the Ancient of Days is very simple.  Read the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament, Tanakh) and simply believe and then do what they state as they are perfect (Psalms 18:30).  No other book is needed; no personal advisor is needed.  What it states is what it means.  The Hebrew Scriptures states that ONE Being (Deuteronomy 4:35) created this entire cosmos (Genesis 1:1) and created human life (Genesis 1:27) on planet earth.  This Mighty One gave us a righteous standard to live by (Psalms 119:172) and since all sin—breaking His righteous standard (Amos 2:4)—is against Him (Psalms 51:4) therefore, only He can forgive sin (Isaiah 43:25-26).  Moreover, He alone is our Savior (Hosea 13:4).

    For example, the largest religion says their savior was born of a virgin impregnated by a spirit being.  This misconception is based upon a mistranslation of a word in the Hebrew Scriptures.*

    * See our article “A Virgin Shall Conceive - or Will She?” see <>.

    This mistranslation indicates some monkeying around with the Scripture, probably by the Midnight Monks, as these words were mistranslated from the Hebrew into the Greek and then into the English Bibles.


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