"If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." II Chronicles 7:14;
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The Five Stages of the State of Israel

by Tim Williams

AUTHOR'S NOTE: These are my notes concerning the Jewish "stages of life". The actual idea comes from a book written by an Arab Christian which apparently is quoting Vendyll Jones. I have added scriptures where I thought applicable.

According to Jewish custom, there are five stages, or phases of life for an individual. When the state of Israel is examined in comparison to these stages, some interesting parallels become apparent.

Through the historic Balfour Declaration of 1917, the land of Palestine was being prepared for the physical return of the remnant of the seed of Abraham. The tribe of Judah was the first to return, although there was not a large Jewish response initially. The Jewish people were very prosperous in the lands of the Gentiles. It was not in their heart to return to the Holy Land. The persecution of the German Third Reich and the holocaust did much to alter their perception of their "good fortune". By the year 1948, the Jewish population in Palestine had climbed from a mere 52,000 in 1900 to over half a million. The 1948 war resulted in a victory for Israel, despite a vastly superior and numerically greater foe.

A comparison between the Jewish custom of figuring ages and the nation of Israel yields some interesting results. According to the Jewish custom, there are five phases of life for an individual.

I. Child of Blood

Ezek. 16:3-6 [Tanakh throughout] "And say: Thus said the Lord God to Jerusalem: By origin and birth you are from the land of the Canaanites--your father was an Amorite and your mother a Hittite. 4 As for your birth, when you were born your navel cord was not cut, and you were not bathed in water to smooth you; you were not rubbed with salt, nor were you swaddled. 5 No one pitied you enough to do any one of these things for you out of compassion for you; on the day you were born, you were left lying, rejected, in the open field. 6 When I passed by you and saw you wallowing in your blood, I said to you: `Live in spite of your blood.' Yea, I said to you: `Live in spite of your blood.'"

At birth, a child is called a "child of blood" because the child is born through blood and circumcised on the eighth day. The bloody birth of the nation of Israel came during the critical week of May 14 through May 21 during the 1948 war. Multiple thousands of Israelis were killed and wounded. General Marshal even exclaimed at one point, "There will be no Jews left in Israel in six weeks". Yet, miraculously Israel survived and was born.

II. Bar Mitzvah Experience

The next phase of a young man's life is the Bar Mitzvah, where the young man is officially recognized as having reached the age of legal maturity. Hereafter, he is obligated to observe the commandments, or laws.

The state of Israel was officially recognized as part of the nations of the world for the first time in 1961. This was actually the culmination of the "Eichman Affair". Eichman was one of the henchmen of Hitler. He had an "ability", if you will, in the field of mass killings. He was ultimately responsible for the death of some three to six million Jews, as well as many other nationalities. He was eventually captured in South America and extradited to Israel. The world was in an uproar over this situation and the United Nations had a peculiar situation. Jurisprudence prevented Israel from bringing a man to trial for crimes against a nation that did not actually exist as a nation at the time of the crimes. Golda Meir, who was at the time the United Nations ambassador from Israel and a most remarkable lady, stated that the United Nations could not censure Israel because they considered Israel an underdeveloped nation and did not officially recognize it as a nation. Disregarding the United Nations, Eichman was subsequently electrocuted.

The United Nations immediately passed a court decision censuring Israel for its so called "crime" against Eichman. In the process of censuring Israel, the United Nations was forced to recognize Israel as a nation of the world. Mrs. Meir then declared that the nation of Israel could not be censured for crimes that were committed before it became recognized as a nation. Crazy though it sounds, Israel got away with it. Perhaps with an unseen helping hand from our CREATOR who was fulfilling His promise to one day return the descendants of Abraham to their inheritance. The year of these strange events was 1961, the Bar Mitzvah year of the state of Israel.

III. Men of War

Num. 1:3 "You and Aaron shall record them by their groups, from the age of twenty years up, all those in Israel who are able to bear arms. "

The first phase for Israel was the miraculous birth in 1948. Next came the Bar Mitzvah in 1961. This brings us to the next phase; The war years. The CREATOR told Mosheh (mo-sheh = Moses) to number only those individuals that were twenty years old or older. Again, an interesting parallel can be seen. Israel was plunged into a decade of war beginning in 1967 when Israel was twenty years old. The Yom Kippur war of 1973 came as a total surprise, falling on one of Israel's most solemn Holy Days. These were bloody years for all countries involved, but eventually resulted in expansion as Israel acquired almost six times as much land as it held in 1967.

One of the high points of these war years was the daring Entebbe rescue at Uganda. This was truly one of the most astonishing and incredible rescue missions in history. The Israeli air force flew over twenty-five hundred miles without being detected by enemy radar. After landing in Uganda, the terrorists were killed and the 91 hostages were brought home. Was this mere luck? Was it purely human skill? Or was it once again an unseen hand from above guiding the situation?

The year 1978 brought even more amazing events. Egyptian president Sadat made a historic trip to Jerusalem in November 1977. On September 20, 1978 the peace accord was signed in Washington, D.C. On March 26, 1979, Prime Ministers Begin of Israel and Sadat of Egypt, along with US President Jimmy Carter signed the Peace Treaty in Washington. The year 1978 made Israel thirty years old. This brings us to the next phase.

IV. Religious Service

Num. 4:2-3 "Take a [separate] census of the Kohathites among the Levites, by the clans of their ancestral house, from the age of thirty years up to the age of fifty, all who are subject to service, to perform tasks for the Tent of Meeting."

Scripturally, and individual could not officially serve the CREATOR in the Temple until the age of thirty. This service continued until the individual was fifty years old. At this point the individual could retire from the army or Temple service.

V. Retirement

The state of Israel turned fifty, officially, in 1998 about the time the present intifada began. What will happen next?


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