"If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." II Chronicles 7:14;
Hope of Israel

Message to Members of the
Religion of Judaism

Editors Note:   To get things into perspective I do not claim to be a prophet, much less the Messiah. When YHWH stands on the Mt. of Olives He will resurrect King David who will be the resurrected Messiah and Elijah the resurrected Prophet.
    The following message to all Rabbis is a direct quote from the website However, the author of that site does claim to be the Messiah. Although this man cannot be who he claims to be, I believe people of the religion of Judaism should thoughtfully consider what is stated. This is especially true in light of what appears to be coming soon down the pike.


HaMashiach's Message To All Levite Kohanim
And To All Rabbis Throughout The World

    "You, who are Levite Kohanim and Rabbis, are the teachers of my people, the Children of Israel. I ask that you consider the following words concerning what your Sages and Rabbis established long ago after the Babylonian Exile, and what is today called the religion of Judaism.

   "Has the G-d of our fathers, the G-d of Abraham, the G-d of Isaac and the G-d of Jacob ever spoken the word "religion" from his mouth to any of his prophets or to any of his people? Has he ever commanded any of his people to establish a "religion" and to officially call it "Judaism"? Has the only true living G-d, the G-d of Israel ever commanded any of his people to classify and categorize themselves as either being Ultra-Orthodox, Orthodox, Ultra-Conservative, Conservative, Reform or Reconstructionists in defining themselves as being of a particular "religious sect"? To which of the Sages or Rabbis of many generations ago, or at anytime in this more than 2000 years, has YHWH G-d spoken to and commanded saying, "Go to the people and speak to them in my Holy name and command them, saying, `This says YHWH G-d, the G-d of Israel: You are to establish a religion, and you will call the religion Judaism. You are to become divided into different sects like the religions of the other nations. You will call these sects Ultra-Orthodox, Orthodox, Ultra-Conservative, Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionists. This is to be done so that the people will have a multiple choice to choose from so they may choose what suits them best regarding this religion I am commanding you to establish."

   "Is not this merely imitating what began at the Tower of Babel, when men chose to do their own way and forsake the ways of YHWH G-d, which continued on through the Egyptians and all the pagan nations throughout? Is this not how they all ended up with so many "gods" to "idol worship"?

   "In this "religion" of "Judaism", as it is at this present time, could it not be said there is an Ultra-Orthodox G-d of Israel, a Orthodox G-d of Israel, a Ultra-Conservative G-d of Israel, a Reform G-d of Israel and a Reconstructionist G-d of Israel? Is not each G-d of each of these sects worshipped differently? If so, they are not, nor can they be the same G-d. Is there any one who would dispute this?

   "What is the difference in this form of "religion" and the Christian and Islamic forms of religion which also promote division among their people by this same method they call religion? Did not each of them imitate that which our forefathers established, just as our forefathers imitated the pagan nations that surrounded them. They assimilated with those nations (gentiles), just as the Jews for Jesus have assimilated with the gentiles religion of Christianity in this day and time. Show me a "religion" on this earth that is not made up of more than one "sect", with each saying they are the "righteous sect" in the religion of their god? The Christians even ran out of space for their different denominational sects, and now have more "Non" denominational sects than they have denominational ones. The Muslims of Islam imitated this for themselves as well. Is it any wonder?

   "When anyone adds to or takes from that which YHWH G-d has commanded, then it is inevitable that the worship has become idol worship, meaning, the worship of another god other than YHWH G-d Al-mighty!

   "Considering this, it may be that you will begin to understand why YHWH, the G-d of Israel became so angry at our forefathers, the kings, the princes, the priests, the lying prophets, and the people who followed in their ways, which were not the ways of YHWH. He became fiercely wrathful because of the jealousy they provoked him to by establishing this "religion" and the different "religious sects" within it. They had forsaken his ways to establish their own ways, and call it "his ways"? Why do you think the first command he has spoken in this more than 2000 years to all the Children of Israel is:

   ""Now, consider your ways this day and compare your ways with the ways of your forefathers who continually provoked me to great jealousy and anger."

   "Do not think that I am saying that everything you are teaching my people is incorrect. This is not true. I am simply stating that the way of YHWH G-d is not religious. His way is not a religion. Nor is His way meant to be many different religious organizations. My people, the sheep of YHWH's flock, are divided because of this and they are not supposed to be divided! They are supposed to be ONE, in unity with one another and with YHWH our G-d, who is ONE! The way of YHWH is the way of life and the way we are to live our lives. The way of YHWH is Torah, the tree of life. The ways that men establish which they call "religion" is the mixture of the knowledge of good and evil and calling it good. The religions of men are the ways of death.

   "Do not think I am attacking you or that I have anything against the Levite Kohanim (Priests) or the Rabbis who are caught up in all of this at this moment in time because of the influence that was passed down through time. I do not have anything against you. You simply do not yet know and understand. But, it is now being made known to you and you will have to decide whose voice it is you are going to hearken to. You must come to know for a certainty that it is the voice of YHWH, the G-d of Israel, and his voice only that you are truly being obedient to. You will then be required not to listen to the voices of those who will rebel against this message. Those who rebel are they who have intentionally chosen to continue in a way that is not the way of YHWH our G-d. They will have intentionally chosen to do their own way. By their rebellion, they have, in effect, self-anointed, self-ordained and self-appointed themselves to be spokesmen for YHWH G-d, the Holy One of Israel. He has not sent them, nor have they stood in his counsel and heard his word from his mouth!

   "Consider this also. IF the G-d of Israel were so approving of what you and my brethren refer to as the "official religion" of the State of Israel, which is called Judaism; then why has it only been since it was created, formed and established by men after the Babylonian exile that all the curses of the covenant have been poured out upon our forefathers that eventually led to the total destruction of the second Temple in 70 C.E.? IF YHWH G-d were so approving of this "religion", would it not be that he would have allowed our forefathers to remain in the land of Israel and he would have poured out all his blessings on them?

   "IF all we needed were the Torah, the Tanakh, the Talmudic writings of the Sages and Rabbis, and a religion to call our own, we sure wouldn't have any need for our G-d, YHWH, or for his Mashiach to come, now would we? There are plenty of Talmudic Scholars and Rabbis with superior knowledge and understanding concerning all matters relating to our, why would we need a Mashiach to come? You could simply continue with the attitude, `All is well! Look at how far we have come and how much we have advanced in our knowledge and understanding. We have even been able to return to the land of Israel and establish a sovereign nation for ourselves. So why do we need a Mashiach to come?' Is this not really the unspoken attitude of the "religious" and the loudly spoken attitude of the "secular"?

   "Which of these "religions" do you think the Mashiach of YHWH G-d, the G-d of Israel will join when he is revealed to his people, the Children of Israel? Will he make claim to any "religion", "religious sect" or "religious organization"? I will tell you now that I will not make claim to being associated with any religion or of any of these differing sects of the religion of Judaism. I am not here to assimilate with that which the Sages and Rabbis of old created, formed and established after the Babylonian exile. My whole reason for being is to establish the way of YHWH G-d in the earth. I will set my people free from this which YHWH G-d has not established or commanded to be. I and the Children of Israel will surely hearken to the voice of YHWH, the G-d of our fathers and to his voice only!!! He who is for YHWH G-d of Israel, the only true living G-d, be with me!

   "Yliyahu ben Dovid
   "HaMashiach of YHWH G-d
   "1 Tishrei, 5760"

Editors Note:
    The reason I believe this is important for Jews is because YHWH does state that BOTH Israel and Judah will be brought back from captivity. Thus, both Jews and the rest of Israel will have to repent in captivity in order to be brought out from captivity.
    What will people of the Jewish religion have to repent of? Obeying what the Rabbis, sages, and oral traditions state, rather than strictly observing what The Holy Hebrew Scriptures state so plainly.

    (Jer. 30:4-7 KJV) "Now these are the words that YHWH spoke concerning Israel and Judah, 'For thus says YHWH: ... Ask now, and see 'whether a man is ever in labor with child?' So why do I see every man with his hands on his loins like a woman in labor, and all faces turned pale? Alas! For that, day is great, so that none is like it; and it is the time of Jacob's trouble, But he shall be saved out of it.


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