"If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." II Chronicles 7:14;
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Response to Question Concerning the Discoveries of Ron Wyatt

Dear Sharon,
    Do you remember the Trade Center bombing a few years ago in New York? As the FBI investigator walked up to the building, for first time, he saw something on the sidewalk and he bent over and picked it up. He was photographed and videoed picking it up. He stood up and announced he had found the VIN number of the very van the Arabs had rented to blow up the building. Great sound byte! It was plastered all over the national news media. The result? Congress passed and Clinton signed some anti-terrorist bills into law to protect the American public. Sounds great huh? It does until you realize that the law now also protects the American people from any "religious group" the government might deem as "fanatical." What a "fanatical" religious group consists of is undefined, but they will know one when they see one.

    Now consider the VIN tag. As the van blew up the explosion ripped the VIN number tag from the engine, under the hood, and propelled it through falling debris and out side walls, that did not collapse, onto the side walk to be "found" by the FBI investigator. Am I cynical?  Yes, I am. How did it get there? My guess would be that the agent dropped it as he bent over to pick it up. Why would the government do that? Well that is a different story.

    The point is that it was very convenient for the inspector to find the VIN tag as he walked up the sidewalk. It is also very convenient that Ron Wyatt found Mr. & Mrs. Noah's solid rock cabin as he wandered on the plains of Turkey. It is also very convenient the film he took of the cabin and the head-stones for the Noah children were damaged and he only has a photo of himself on a flat rocky area. Oh yes, his two boys, who normally accompanied him, were sick at the hotel that day and did not see this great sight, so Ron is the only witness.

     It is also very convenient that Ron, alone, saw Noah's ark and went inside--but now it is covered up and there are no pictures and no one can go there and dig. The boys were tired and had flown home so that Ron is the only witness.

    It is also very convenient that Ron and the boys were scuba diving in the Red Sea and found parts of the chariots of the very Pharaoh of Moses in the sea. However, circumstances dictated that there are no parts to show, no pictures, and only Ron can witness to the accuracy of the expedition.

    It is also very convenient that Ron and the boys started to dig in Jerusalem, not where they wanted to, but some yards off to the side. They dug straight down and found the very three niches in solid rock that Pilate had carved out to put the signs "over" the cross of 'Jesus.' No matter that, the New Testament says the signs were nailed "on" the cross, which Ron says is just a mistranslation. No matter that they were by the highway and not on a hill, that Ron says is also a mistranslation.

    It is also very convenient that he found THE crack in the solid rock that went down 20 feet so the blood could run off the cross unto the Mercy Seat below. Now remember he found this crack while digging in a tunnel 3 feet square, and they covered it all back up as they went so it can't be found now.

    Ron's next exploits remind me of Forrest Gump as he taught Elvis how to dance, opened the door to China on Nixon's ping pong team, was a hero in Vietnam, quieted the national anti-war protests, started a humongous seafood business, and so many other adventures that my words can not even tell of them all.

     Ron and the boys dug a tunnel (3 by 3) and found: a large cistern (not the picture on the web page, but sort of like it), a large building, the place where Stephen was stoned, the place where the rock over the tomb was chiseled from, the actual tomb, and the actual iron spikes that the guards drove into the solid rock to hold the stone. No matter that the NT doesn't mention this and there are no pictures of this or any witness, except Ron Wyatt.

    As Ron and the boys were digging, if they wondered what the date of the strata was Ronnie would very conviently find a coin with the date on it. Remember the time, after Ron had found the Ark of the Covenant, and he didn't know the date of the strata; well it just so happened that Ronnie was on this trip and found--you guessed it--a coin with the date on it. Of course, Ronnie did not see the Ark or the gooey black stuff that ran down THE crack, in the solid rock, from the cross above onto the Mercy Seat below--the gooey black stuff was the blood--still there after all these years.

    Ron didn't consider it important enough to mention but he is the direct descendant of the High Priest. This is true or he would have died like Uzzah when touched the Ark. Then our boy opened the Ark found the secret compartment and took out he very scroll that Moses had written and discovered that our book of Genesis is a fake.

    And oh yes, he discovered that the book of the Maccabees was a mistranslation when it stated that the Ark was on Mt. Nebo with Moses. Also consider the ground between the "city wall" and the "siege wall" where, under THE crack in the rock, the Ark was to be buried. This area would have a no man's land. Both sides would have blasted anyone carrying the Ark, to hide it, in there under THE crack in the rock.

    Now, do I believe the Ark is still around? Yes, I do, as I believe Noah's ark is still there. Where are they? I don't have a clue. I suspect the Ark is in a cavern under the Temple Mount. Vendyl Jones (another Ark searcher) was under the Wailing Wall, (a few years ago) in a cavern, and discovered a "void" behind the wall. He broke through into it, and entered a cavern system behind the wall. It was the old cavern used to drain off the blood of the sacrifices. Vendyl says he saw the Ark in one of the caverns, however, he is the only witness. The Arabs above (in the Dome of the Rock) heard him and started a riot. The Israeli police got Vendyl out and the Arabs sealed their part of the tunnel with concrete. Later Vendyl discovered the newly discovered caverns on the Israeli side could be opened from the City and when Prime Minister Netanyahu opened it up there was another Arab riot.

    It is also very convenient that Ron could not tell all he knew before he died. Have I said any thing that disproves what Ron Wyatt declares? No, and neither can I disprove that 'God' told Oral Roberts that He would call Oral home if people didn't contribute four million dollars to him. It must have been true, the people donated the cash, and people supported our boy Ron.

   Is the New Testament a fake? Just check its contents against The Holy Scriptures (OT).

    May our CREATOR grant peace and understanding,


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