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Stem Cell Research


Stem Cell Research
When Does Human Life Begin?

When humankind was placed on the earth, the first command given to them was to “Be fruitful, increase, and fill the earth.” They were directed to reproduce and bring forth children. This is done sexually between a male and a female.

The male donates male sperm and the female donates an egg. Both the sperm and the egg have the vital life process of the donor, yet, neither can maintain that life vitality in and of themselves. Each needs the other, as neither can maintain that vitality alone.


A human at zygote stage.
Many documentaries have shown a male sperm entering a female egg and uniting with it. The moment the sperm enters the egg a miracle occurs and a new pregnancy begins. A brand new biological entity called a “zygote” is formed. The zygote is not a part of the father’s body or the mother’s body; it is a new life with its very own characteristics. It is true that the mother’s body was designed to house the new life form in a special environment that provides the nutrients needed for it to grow.

It is totally incorrect to refer to this entity, this zygote, as a “fertilized ovum.” Why? Because, a zygote is a one celled “new life” entity resulting from the union of a sperm and an egg. As a separate life entity it can maintain it own separate life and grow, if left in its special environment. It will continue its growth in vitro, such as a test tube if it is a warm environment with the correct nutrients.

The moment that each one of us was formed as a zygote, we resulted from the union of our father’s sperm and our mother’s egg or ovum. As a tiny one celled life form, we were not part of our mother’s body, we were our own human body, attached to, but separate from her human body.

We began our own human development in our mother’s womb as a union of sperm and ovum, which are genetically each a part of its owner (father and mother, respectively with 23 chromosomes each). Both sperm and ovum cease to exist at the moment of conception, merging to form a new entity, the zygote containing 46 chromosomes. Thus, to use the words “fertilized ovum” is a misnomer, because from this point forward until death, no new genetic information can be added to this unborn person. The new life is a unique individual human with its own unique genetic code, which is not its father’s or its mother’s. His or her genetic code is established at the moment of conception and determines the new person’s unique individual physical characteristics--eye color, hair color, bone structure, as well as all other attributes to make you the unique person that you are.

For an organism to be classified, as biologically alive it must fulfill the following four criteria: (1) metabolism, (2) growth, (3) reaction to stimuli, and (4) reproduction. Since the one celled zygote fulfills this criteria, it is biological alive and is classified as fully human life, separate from the female body and in addition is a unique human individual and is either male or female. Each of us share the same nature of all human beings, yet each one of us is unlike any other person that has ever been conceived before or any that will ever be conceived in the future.

Our own development as a male or female began as a single celled zygote then grew through the following stages: an embryo, a fetus, a baby, a child, an adolescent, and finally an adult. This growth will happen in this growing human organism, if it is provided with the necessary elements all human life requires--oxygen, food, water, and shelter.

Human Fetus at 6 weeks of age.
Human Fetus at 9 weeks of age.
After about three weeks, a primitive heart muscle begins to pulsate. Other organs begin to develop during the first month, such as a liver, kidneys, a digestive tract, and a simple umbilical cord. This developing body has a head and a developing face with developing ears, mouth, and eyes, despite the fact that it is no larger than half the size of a pea.

Toward the end of the first month (between 26 and 28 days), the arms and legs begin to appear as tiny buds. As the zygote develops a whole embryo has developed by the end of the first month and it began at conception with the union of an ovum and a sperm.

Thus, each person has developed through these various stages of life. None of these stages, however, imparted to us our humanity--that was done at conception as human beings follow the plan that is implemented when we follow the first command given to humans, “Be fruitful, increase, and fill the earth.”

Understand and Remember that as a Unique Individual Human Life Form:
You did not come from an adolescent, - You once were an adolescent.
You did not come from a child, - You once were a child.
You did not come from a fetus, - You once were a fetus.
You did not come from an embryo, - You once were an embryo.
You did not come from a zygote, - You once were a zygote.
You once were inside your mother, - You were not a part of her.

At the Moment of Conception You Were Created as a New, Unique Person.


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